K. Michelle Reveals She Has Lupus


K. Michelle seems to have many chosen directions in her life compared to people who have their eye on one prize. She’s been trying to make it in the music game for years now. She’s also become a known personality in reality TV on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Now she wants to conquer the world of multiple mommyhood.

Source: Instagram @kmichellemusic

K. Michelle is already the happy mother of Chase Bowman, but it seems like she’s ready to add more to her tribe. K. Michelle took to Twitter to tell her fans about her news, saying, “Hey milfs how are you tonight? Can we talk? I’m giving you guys an album and handing in my last album all at the same time! Took a break from business now. I have a new store opening up, so it can’t be anything but greatness. A bit stressed.”


She continued, “So my docs told me I had lupus. I was devastated for two weeks. Then the fertility doctor told me that I couldn’t carry twins full terms. But my body was tired, my mind was just beat down. My results from the doctor came again as dormant or negative. So I feel to my knees to praise. I still have to pay close attention to my blood work every three months for safety. But just when I thought that was over. I get another call…

Source: Instagram @kmichellemusic

“Then a call from my obgyno saying that if I have twins they would not be full term because of my size and health. Literally I was so broken I kept beating myself up like. Your being punished by God because you had that abortion. Man talk about a broken spirit. Two weeks of what felt like my world was crumbling.”

Just when it looked like she wouldn’t be able to have her kids because of her medical condition, something amazing happened. She said, “Today we got a call that THEY REALLY FOUND THE PERFECT SURROGATE for us. My hands were shaking. Still feelin’ punished for what I had done in the past. I had to find the positive because I don’t believe God would leave me out there like that. I had to talk to myself. Things don’t always go as you feel they should but they go and you better go with it.”

It’s easy to see why she’s willing to give it all up for these little babies and so that she can take care of herself. She concluded, “I’m about to watch the most beautiful process and that’s bringing two HEALTHY little girls in the world.

That’s all that matter to me. God works. I wanna get this album out so I can really go teach and heal from these intimate seminars I’m doing, And raise my son, and these little ones. Oh my god it’s scary.”

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